White Leather Cases for iPhone 5

White iPhone 5 is available in stores worldwide, however, it is not so with iPhone 5 covers and cases. Believe it or not, but there are few manufacturers that design and make white cases for this phone. Luckily, there are Belkin and Sena to make this predicament right. What’s more, the case are made from leather.

Leather Case for iPhone 5 by Sena

SenaiPhone 5 Case

Sena Leather iPhone 5 Case – White

Sena is probably the best manufacturer out there in terms of leather cases. This iPhone 5 case is no different, made from high-quality material with somewhat perforated design. It features a soft inner lining to deliver a great amount of protection to your mobile device. A special detail is a red leather band on the fore side of the case that gives it an elegant appeal. The name, Corsa, which means ‘race’ suggests sporty look as well.

Leather Case for iPhone 5 by Belkin

Belkin iPhone 5 case

Belkin Case for iPhone 5 – White

Belkin is always ready for new smartphone and tablet models. The moment a new device is launched, the company launches a custom protective accessory for it. Here is a Belkin iPhone 5 case that is made from artificial leather. It features a sophisticated and snazzy design. The high-quality material ensures durability and protection. It comes in a nice white colur that combines ideally with your new smartphone. Additionally, it comes with a handy pull-strap that makes it easy to take the phone out of the case. 

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