Using iPod Speakers With iPhone

Even though iPhone has the same connector as iPod Touch 5G, sometimes things don’t work smoothly if you want to use iPhone with iPod accessories. You will be surprised to realize that some iPod dock speaker or similar audio accessories aren’t designed to work with iPhone once you connect it. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this, and one of them is to disable one of the phone functions.

how to use ipod speakers with iphone

You Can Use iPod Speakers With iPhone As Well

The iPhone offers an option called “Airplane Mode” which is designed for use in an airplane, where you are not allowed to use a cell phone but you can use iPod. Setting the iPhone to Airplane Mode will allow your iPhone to work flawlessly with many iPod speakers and dock connector accessories. Here’s how to switch Airplane Mode:

Settings > Airplane Mode > On

Now, if your iPhone is connected to a speaker, it will work just fine. This does not work with all accessories but it will certainly work with speakers. Please note that once you turn airplane mode on, you can not make or receive calls, while all wireless features of your iPhone will be disabled. Still, if you have intentions of using your iPhone with iPod accessories, make sure that the speaker is certified with not only ” Made for iPod ” but also” Works with iPhone “. Almost all up-to-date docks have dual certification, ie. for both the iPhone and iPod, but if this is not the case, the Airplane Mode is more than useful.