Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps

People are different, and we all have our own preferences, habits and lifestyles; this is why we need different things. In order to make your life easier, we have chosen ten best and most popular free apps for your iPhone (the apps are also available for Android).

10. Pinterest

Pinterest app lets you update your profile or you can check your friend’s collection. Pinterest is a tool which will help you find your inspiration and share it with others.

09. Twitter

The best way to share your brief thoughts about everything in just 140 characters (or less). Barack Obama, Pope Benedict XVI, famous actors and celebrities – everyone has a Twitter account. Obviously a must-have!

08. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is “all-in-one “communication app that allows you to send messages and chat with your friends.

07. Flashlight

Use your iPhone as a flashlight. An excellent addition when you need to find lost keys in the dark.

06. Temple Run

Temple Run is a popular game from Imangi Studios. It’s a fun game that is perfect to play while sitting in a waiting room, riding the bus and so on. The game was incredibly popular in 2012.

05. YouTube

Number one application for online videos.

04. Draw Something

This very popular iPhone / Facebook game has been downloaded over 35 million times in just six weeks.

03. FaceBook

World’s most popular social network – nothing more, nothing less.

02. Instagram

Integrated with Facebook, this “photo-filtering” application was the most used app in 2012 according to many.

01. Google Maps

After a failure of Apple Maps, Google once again has proven its position! In only a week, Google Maps was announced the best 2012 app!