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Caterpillar Presents Cat B15- Tough Waterproof Phone

Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active are considered to be best waterproof smartphones on the market today, although they are of very fragile bodies. For those who need a sturdy phone that can withstand water, dust, dirt and other damage influences, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment, Caterpillar, has made a tough mobile […]

XXL Smartphone From Sony: Xperia Z Ultra Coming Soon

The latest smartphone from Sony has water and scratch resistant screen of 6.44-inches, and much more… After the announcement in June, everything is ready for its release. Here comes Xperia Z Ultra! We still do not know whether to refer to it as a phone or a tablet, due to its XXL size. The new […]

Essential Accessories for Summer Holidays

If you are planning summer vacation (and we are almost certain you are ), you are probably thinking about gadgets you will need most while you spend your days on a seaside. One thing is certain: you are not going anywhere without your smartphone or tablet. You will probably visit some country with beautiful beaches and […]

Latest iPhone 5 Cases

This is an iPhone 5 armband that is perfect for all who have an active life and own an iPhone 5. Thanks to its special features and custom manufacture, you will be able to keep on practising, running, working out, etc., while still having your favourite gadget next to you. The touch screen of the […]

A waterproof budget phone from Sony – Xperia Go

Sony Xperia Go and upcoming Xperia Acro S look like ordinary phones but they are actually water-and dust-proof. Sony Xperia Go has a scratch-resistant 3.5-inch display running Sony’s Braviamotor for mobile displays and is IP67-rated. IP (International Protection) is followed by two digits, the first digit (in this case, sixth grade) shows how good protection […]