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SwitchEasy Trim: Dual Material Case For iPhone 4/4S

If you’re looking for affordable, reliable and good-looking  protection for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4,  SwitchEasy Trim case will provide you with that all.   Trim case for iPhone 4/4S represents a dual material case, with the frame made of semi-soft plastic, while the back of the case is constructed of hard poly-carbonate, for durable […]

SwitchEasy Nude: Perfect Summer Case for iPhone 5

If you’re still looking for an extra fine case for iPhone 5 that will instead of volume ans thickness add some refreshing colors to your phone, look no further. SwitchEasy has an amazing collection called Nude that will be a great summer outfit for your iPhone 5. As the name suggests, this SwitchEasy case is […]

3D Romantic Touch Of Your iPhone 4

SwitchEasy Avant-Garde collection features uniquely designed cases. This Avant-Garde Blossom case has a 3D floral design and gives the iPhone 4 or 4S a unique and striking appearance. The case consists of two parts: the back edge slides into the frame around the sides providing an optimum fit of the case, while the front edge […]

SwitchEasy Tones iPhone 5 Case

The Tones Case for iPhone 5 features an improved and strengthened design, custom made for your new Apple smartphone. The edges of the case are made from TPU material highly resistant to impacts, and the rear side is coated with polycarbonate for even greater protection. You get an ultimate protection from shock, bumps, impacts, and […]

SwitchEasy Colors Stealth iPhone 5 Cover

The cover for iPhone 5 is crafted from high-end pliable silicone that enhances grip and protects the device. This cover is very slim and lightweight, and does not add much stock to your cell phone, without compromising a great amount of protection it delivers from various damage such as nicks, scrapes, and minor bumps. The […]