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AirPlay-compatible NS2 Speakers by Nocs

Nocs is a well-known Swedish headphone company that makes some amazing audio accessories. This time the manufacturer decided to launch speakers that support AirPlay technology. Apple AirPlay lets you stream media from your iDevice such as iPhone, iPod, iPod, or Mac to a TV or compatible speakers. Meet the Nocs NS2 Air Speakers! Following the […]

Rechargeable and Portable Speakers – Cygnett Groove BassBall

If you are not satisfied with the power of your iPhone / iPod speaker (due to the background noise for example), or you just want a more profound sound when you listen to your best-loved tunes, then this tiny speaker is just what you have been looking for. This is a perfect portable speaker for […]

CD/MP3 Player – JVC RV-NB 50

The JVC RV-NB50 Boomblaster CD/MP3 Player is a an iPod Docking Station with an integrated output of 40W. This multi-functional sound set for iPod provides entire shielding from the parts while the player reproduces MP3 / WMA files. The set also contains a single USB port and a remote control for easier use and greater […]

Docking Stations – SDI iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox

iPhone 4S is a versatile device that, among many other features, allows you to enjoy listening to your favorite tunes, at any time, any place. However, the loudness of the smartphone is usually not enough, and in such occasions an iPhone 4S dock /speaker might come in handy. The SDI iHome IP4 iPhone and iPod […]

Portable Duet Speaker System – JBL Harman Kardon

There are many JBL products we have already mentioned in our reviews. In most cases, words we used to describe them were very nice, beautiful and even impressive. JBL Duet Speaker System Harman Kadon is no different. You will like the advanced design of these latest speakers from the manufacturer. The portable speaker system is […]