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Meet BLOCKS, the World’s First Modular Smartwatch

If you follow the world of technology closely, then you are most certainly familiar with the term modular smartphones, Google’s Project Ara, PuzzlePhone, and Fairphone. The idea of creating your own, unique handset via interchangeable parts (the so-called blocks) has become highly appealing to users worldwide over the past couple of years and, according to a number of […]

Microsoft’s Smartwatch to Arrive Within Weeks

Rumors about Microsoft’s upcoming smartwatch have been swirling around the web for a while now, and it seems that the company is officially getting ready to launch the device. According to a recent report (Forbes), the watch could launch within weeks, and what’s great is that it won’t be compatible with Windows Phone only, but […]

Apple Watch Home Screen Now Available for Android Wear

Last week, Apple introduced its first wearable device called the Apple Watch, that comes with a unique home screen and the company’s own OS. The good news is that if you really like how this home screen looks like, but you’ve already bought an Android wearable, you can recreate the design of Apple’s home screen […]