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5 Smartphone Misconceptions That Are Just Plain Wrong

How long have smartphones been around? About a decade? That’s a long period of time (yes, it is, 10 years!) and yet people still don’t seem to know everything there is to know about them. And what does the human race do when it’s not informed well enough about certain things? We come up with our own […]

The Galaxy J5 and J7 Specifications Revealed

Lately there have been rumors flying around about Samsung looking to expand its Galaxy J series with several new smartphones, including the J5 and J7. Both models have received Bluetooth certification, which is usually a sign that a release might soon follow. While nothing seems official at this point, here’s what we know so far about each […]

7 Out of 10 Drivers Use Smartphones While Driving

What happened to the good old-fashioned ‘don’t text and drive’ rule? A lot, it seems. A recent alarming AT&T study has revealed that 70% of drivers, instead of keeping their eyes on the road ahead, focus their immediate attention on the smartphone in their hand. And not just for quick texting, either! Apparently, it is no longer enough […]

Type Away on This Roll-Up Bluetooth Keyboard

Smartphones and tablets are fantastic devices, sure, but there are still those of us who haven’t gotten used to typing out messages and notes on touch screens. Luckily for us, there are apps and products that can make typing on these nefarious displays easier, such as Bluetooth keyboards. Today, we’ve chosen a product that’s not […]

Samsung H Smartphones in the Works

After launching its A, E, and J phones, Samsung is now ready to move on to the next letter in the alphabet – this time “H” – and release a new line of smartphones. Namely, the South Korean giant has filed two trademark applications: one for the Galaxy H1, the other for the Galaxy H7. […]