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Puro Presents New Transparent Bumper Case For iPhone 5

Many smartphone users don’t count on bumper cases when it comes to the protection of their devices. This may be a minimal form of protection but depending on the materials and design, the bumpers can be really efficient. iPhone 5 is one very delicate device that needs to be treated with care but at the […]

Belkin Flex iPhone 5 Case Kit

Belkin is well known for their innovative solutions when it comes to the protection of your tablet or smartphone. Their design became recognizable, especially among the iPhone 5 users, since they are trying to provide you a high, yet ultra-thin protection that won’t affect the slim profile of your device. This fantastic kit of cases […]

Multi-functional Lumia 920 Case

In order to make your everyday life easier, mobile accessories are becoming more and more convenient and practical. Manufacturers offer different cases and covers that beside protection provide you with some useful implementations. Today we present you model specific 3-in-1 Lumia 920 case. Carbon Fiber Wallet Leather Case  is more than just a protective case for your […]