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How to Protect Your Brand New iPhone 5S

If you belong to one of the 6 million owners of the latest iPhone 5S, you probably wonder how to protect your new device and preserve all its incredible features. A protective accessories in this case are a must since this smartphone device is very fragile and very valuable. Apart from already described original iPhone […]

Dress Your MacBook Air 13″ in Sena Leather Case

In our previous posts, we mentioned how much we appreciate high quality and elegant design of Sena products. Today we’ll continue to praise this famous mobile accessories manufacturer by presenting their MacBook Air 13″ folio case made of genuine leather. Apart from protective cases and covers for tablet and mobile phones, Sena has a wide […]

Luxurious Sena Hampton Wallet Cases for iPhone 5

We are used to expect only the best leather cases from a well-known mobile accessories manufacturer, Sena, so this time there are no exceptions either. Sena Hampton collection of wallet cases for iPhone 5 is defined by luxury and style and designed for those of refined taste. Full grain-leather used for production of the Hampton […]

Simple and Elegant Sena Lugano Click-On Cases For iPhone 4/4S

Every time when we think about high quality leather mobile cases, Sena is one of the first brand names that comes to our mind. The reasons are obvious- optimum protection, elegant design, premium quality materials and complete functionality. This time we are going to introduce to you the Sena Lugano Snap-On cases for iPhone 4, […]