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How to Choose the Best Screen Protector

Even though most of the latest smartphones have Gorilla Glass coating screen, which gives them some additional protection, this does not mean there is no need for the screen protector. Each mobile screen is prone to smudges, fingerprints and scratches, which causes the phone to lose its charm and beauty. Therefore, if you want to […]

How to Protect Your Brand New iPhone 5S

If you belong to one of the 6 million owners of the latest iPhone 5S, you probably wonder how to protect your new device and preserve all its incredible features. A protective accessories in this case are a must since this smartphone device is very fragile and very valuable. Apart from already described original iPhone […]

Defender Case for iPhone 5S by Otterbox

Defender case from Otterbox is specially made to fit new iPhone 5S.  Since iPhone 5 and currently one of the most desired phones on Earth, iPhone 5S, are of same dimensions, many iPhone 5 cases can fit new Apple flagship. However, the problem may occur in the home button area and the fingerprint reader implemented […]

Best Case from OtterBox: Defender Case for Galaxy S4

For those who want to provide their valuable Samsung Galaxy S4 with a great deal of protection, OtterBox has an exquisite series of protective cases with a name that explains its main purpose- Defender! Thanks to multiple layers and a snap on design, Defender case for Galaxy S4 brings the protection to a higher level. […]

Wide Selection of Lumia 920 Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

Lumia 920 by Nokia  is a beautiful smartphone of characteristic and recognizable design. Special features, such as wireless charging,  a 4.5 inch screen, an amazing 8 mega-pixel camera and Pure View technology, make this smartphone one of the best on the market. Being aware of its popularity among users, MyTrendyPhone offers some of the most necessary accessories […]