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White Leather Cases for iPhone 5

White iPhone 5 is available in stores worldwide, however, it is not so with iPhone 5 covers and cases. Believe it or not, but there are few manufacturers that design and make white cases for this phone. Luckily, there are Belkin and Sena to make this predicament right. What’s more, the case are made from […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case with Christmas Motifs

One of the most popular smartphone currently on the market, Galaxy S3, is happy to have such an extensive range of accessories to support it and help it enhance further. Both amazing performance and advanced accessories have made it the best-selling mobile device ever. As Christmas is coming at a slow pace, here is an […]

Ravishing Ksix Cases for iPhone 4S!

Ksix is a less-known manufacturer of iPhone 4S Accessories, however, it designs and makes great products for your smartphone. Even more, the company boasts a vast range of custom-crafted protective covers and cases. Here are the most recommended products that will help you narrow your search down a little bit: Ksix Wallet Case for iPhone […]

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 5 Case

When it comes to protection for your new iPhone 5, there are certainly many options and solutions. The smartphone is made of some durable and persistent materials, however, it is still vulnerable to damage and harm. Here is probably one of the best cases for iPhone 5 currently available on the market. OtterBox is a […]

Exquisite Galaxy S3 Covers!

Myriad accessories for Galaxy S3 are available on the market these days. Certainly the most used are protective items such as covers, cases, bumpers, screen protectors, skins, armbands, etc. Nevertheless, in terms of customization, the most popular are covers, and with a reason. Artistic and imaginative solutions are ideal to use if you want to […]