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Go Big or Go Home: Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia phones aren’t exactly known for being small, but Lumia 1520 is definitely one of the biggest phones out there and the first large-screen Windows Phone 8 device. It may not quite fit into your pocket, but at least it brought an amazing display, a powerful processor and a whole bunch of other fantastic components […]

Protect Your Nokia Lumia 520 With iGadgitz Silicone Covers

Nokia Lumia 520 quickly became one of the best-selling Windows Phones, mainly because of its price. This smartphone is aimed for younger audience and probably one of its best features is a removable and changeable shell that comes in several colors: red, blue, white, black, yellow. Nevertheless, the original back cover does not provide a […]

Nokia Lumia 520- Best Budget Smartphone Yet?

According to the latest research, Nokia Lumia 520 is the best selling budget smartphone at the moment. What makes this smartphone so popular is its modern design, impressive specs and low-end price. This 4-inch Windows Phone 8 device is slim and stylish and with a price of just £89.95 (inc. VAT) SIM free, it is […]