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Puro Metal Effect iPhone 5 Cover

Puro introduced their latest series of metal covers for iPhone 5. The series employs an authentic ‘metal effect’, a form-fitting design, slim profile and appealing design. Thanks to the play-through design, you can easily and freely access all of the smartphone’s features and functions such as camera, buttons, and ports. What’s more, there is also […]

Case-Mate Creatures Series Covers /Cases for iPhone 5

Show your affection for animals and protect your iPhone 5 with the best Case-Mate Creatures Cases. Case-Mate is famous for their series of cases /covers and other protective accessories. The company stand out with the Creatures Series which is now available for the Apple’s flagship smartphone, iPhone 5. Thanks to this new series you can […]

Case-Mate Signature Flip HTC One X Leather Case

HTC One X features amazing sound and camera! Quad-core processor allows for lightning-fast Web searching, excellent picture quality and a wonderful gaming experience – all on a huge 4.7-inch High Definition touch screen. All of this is housed in a stylish and modern design of HTC One X. Protecting your smartphone with the Case-Mate flip […]

Kensington PowerLift iPhone 4 / 4S Dock

Accessories for mobile devices are not just interesting and practical, but very often a necessary part of our daily life. One of such accessories is this multi-functional backup battery for your cell phone. This item is also a stand and dock for your iPhone 4 / 4S. What’s more, it is also compatible with iPod […]

Galaxy S3 Mini Launching Today

Developers from Samsung Mobile Communications have said that the new Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone will be announced today. The event will take place in Germany, aiming at a strong popularity in Europe. The new version of the Mini will feature a 4-inch touch screen, a great solution for all who find the Galaxy S3’s screen […]