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Microsoft Takes Over Nokia For 5.44 Billion Euros

Microsoft buys Nokia for 5.44 billion euros! The U.S. computer giant has decided to spend $ 7.2 billion (5.44 billion euros) for the Nokia mobile phones and smartphones. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, has described this historic moment as a “bold step into the future – a win-win for employees, shareholders and customers of both […]

Corning Developes Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Reflective Gorilla Glass

Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, presents an anti-reflective and anti-bacterial glass for tablets and smartphones. Gorilla Glass represents a really tough material used on smartphone and tablet screens. Although the company successfully provides many smart devices with display damage resistance for years, Corning never stopped looking for innovative solutions that will make the use […]

Nokia 700

Nokia 700 is on the smallest smartphone that has ever been made with extremely fast performance all wrapped up in an elegant silver white metal and glass. In the mobile phone market where a handful of top phones are up to 8mm thick, this is a quite of a product. The Nokia 700 is the […]