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Power Bank Backup Battery Case for Galaxy S4

Today we talk about battery cases – practical mobile accessories that add extra energy to your device. One of the most popular smartphones today, Samsung Galaxy S4, comes with many advanced features which excessive use can lead to shorter battery life. But there is a solution, Power Bank Battery Backup Case for Galaxy S4! This […]

Defender Case for iPhone 5S by Otterbox

Defender case from Otterbox is specially made to fit new iPhone 5S.  Since iPhone 5 and currently one of the most desired phones on Earth, iPhone 5S, are of same dimensions, many iPhone 5 cases can fit new Apple flagship. However, the problem may occur in the home button area and the fingerprint reader implemented […]

iPhone and Sports Armband: Ideal Running Partners

Summer is near and you want to get back in shape, and we all know how boring exercise can be if you don’t have your headphones and favorite playlist on your smartphone. But sometimes, carrying the phone in your hand while running can be very uncomfortable and the risk of damaging your phone is bigger due to […]

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – Display Battle of the Giants

Apple’s new iPhone comes with a slightly larger screen of 4 inches and 640 x 1136 pixels, while Galaxy S3 has a screen of 4.8 inches with 1280 x 720 pixels. iPhone 5 has a screen type of an IPS TFT, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has Super AMOLED display. Although the new iPhone 5 […]

Captivating Galaxy S2 Cases

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 smartphone is definitely one of the most sought-after smartphones nowadays, employing various handy and amusing applications. Because of its amazing features and performance, many people want to shield it with a protective case. Protection for your cell phone is a priority, therefore try to choose the best Galaxy S2 case possible for […]