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The iPod Might Be Getting Brand New Colors

Lately, iPods haven’t really been what you’d call the burning topic of the day. It’s not that they’ve fallen off the face of the earth—oh no, they’re still very much around—but they definitely did get sidelined for a while there. Well, apparently, Apple hasn’t given up on one of its once mega popular devices just […]

Play the Piano on Your iPhone!

If you are a fan of music and games, then you probably know what Guitar Hero is, as well as its computer, less fancy version – Frets on Fire. Well, the Ozaki O!Arcade Bluetooth Piano Game sort of works the same, and it’s definitely a fun way to pass your time. The Ozaki Piano Game […]

No More iPod Classic

Last week, Apple unveiled a new range of devices, which include the iPhone 6 handsets and the Apple Watch, but we’ve also found out that the company’s decided to kill off the iPod Classic. The device has been removed from Apple’s website, and you can no longer buy it, but the company seems to have […]