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The New iPhone Might Up the Selfie Game

Not too long ago, a major iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leak sneaked its way online, revealing some of the main features the upcoming phones will sport once they launch later this year. These included Force Touch, a new color option, and more, but there was no mention of the front-facing camera. Until yesterday, that is. 1080p Resolution […]

App That Uncovers Your Hidden Talents

Skills can be acquired throughout life, but special talents are either present or, well, they’re not. Imagine if there was an application that could tell you just what kind of hidden potential you possess. Oh, wait. There already is one. The iOS-based app called Thinking Talents helps you discover what makes you so extraordinary. Is […]

How to Use Your Apple Watch On an Airplane

As per the regulations valid in numerous countries in the world, the use of cellphones during a flight is strictly prohibited – that is, unless you put your beloved Android phone, iPhone or iPad in Airplane mode. What this mode does is prevent your device from communicating with cell towers and disconnect it from Wi-Fi […]

Android Wear Hacked to Work with the iPhone 6

Android Wear works only with Android phones, right? Usually yes, but developer MohammadAG has managed to make it work with Apple’s iPhone. MohammadAG posted a video of a Motorola Moto 360 working with an iPhone, and the smartwatch receiving notifications from Apple’s phone. So how did he do it? No Need to Jailbreak Your iPhone […]