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MyTrendyPhone Tips: How to Put a Belt Clip on Your iPhone 5 Case

A flip case is very practical piece of mobile accessories and many our customers think of it as a convenient way to carry their phone. These cases are highly demanded for their functionality, nevertheless, many customers have difficulties putting the belt clip on it in order to attach it to their belt. That is why […]

Apple Sent The Invitations For September 10

It is official: After months of speculations, Apple finally confirmed they will reveal new iPhone devices on September 10 at special event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.  As we already know, Apple launches new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the first Apple smartphone that will be available in different color options. Regarding this fact, […]

Zoom In On Best Smartphone Camera

With every new model launch, mobile manufacturers are pushing their limits when it comes to camera sensor and resolution. Some smartphones even have  more mega-pixels and better optics than many camera models. You can take high quality photos only if you choose the right model of smartphone. Top range smartphones today are equipped with so […]

SwitchEasy Nude: Perfect Summer Case for iPhone 5

If you’re still looking for an extra fine case for iPhone 5 that will instead of volume ans thickness add some refreshing colors to your phone, look no further. SwitchEasy has an amazing collection called Nude that will be a great summer outfit for your iPhone 5. As the name suggests, this SwitchEasy case is […]

Never Lose Your iPhone With Kensington Proximo Kit

Everyone who has ever lost something valuable or even had something stolen, knows how unpleasant these situations can be. To prevent this from happening, Kensington brings the solution. Proximo kit allows you to create an invisible connection between your iPhone and the keys to your house or car, with your luggage, purse or any other […]