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SurfacePad: Smart iPhone Cover

Twelve South launched new  accessory for iPhone-  SurfacePad, with a shape rather particular that it is also called a Smart Cover.   Compatible with both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4s, this elegant case is made of a high quality Napa leather and what is specific about it is that is no thicker than a credit […]

AirPlay-compatible NS2 Speakers by Nocs

Nocs is a well-known Swedish headphone company that makes some amazing audio accessories. This time the manufacturer decided to launch speakers that support AirPlay technology. Apple AirPlay lets you stream media from your iDevice such as iPhone, iPod, iPod, or Mac to a TV or compatible speakers. Meet the Nocs NS2 Air Speakers! Following the […]

Halloween Gifts For All Fans of Mobile Devices

On October 31 all the ghosts, witches, and fairies out there will be active. Our task is to welcome them and there are many ways to do so with costumes, toys, parties, games, and gifts. This is an ideal change for all fans of mobile devices and accessories to express their creativity and artistic skills. […]

Ion-Factory Funky Punky Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

Even though the latest iPhone is available, previous versions of this amazing smartphone are still very popular among Apple devotees. In order to keep the tradition of recommending high-quality accessories, today we present the most popular accessories made by one of the leading manufacturers in this branch, the Ion-factory Funky Punky Leather iPhone 4 / […]