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Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini by Logitech

The keyboard cover from Logitech is called Ultrathin. And it really is. Being 7.3 mm thin and weighing only 208 grams, the Logitech keyboard cover for iPad Mini is one very slim and light piece of iPad Mini accessories. It is designed to be a keyboard and a magnetized hinge that is attached to the tablet […]

ZAGGkeys Folio Cover for iPad Mini With Backlit Keyboard

ZAGG is a renowned company that produces keyboard cases for iPad devices and their products are defined by a  high quality and design. But recently, this company has introduced us with their ultra thin keyboard cover for iPad Mini that will change the typing experience forever. It is called ZAGGkeys folio cover and it comes […]

Puro Presents iPad Mini Cases in Croco Style

You all know how much we appreciate good quality and design when it comes to mobile and tablet accessories. This is why we love to write about Puro accessories since they always know how to amaze us with their new cases and covers. Once again, they created attractive collection of cases for iPad Mini that […]

Stylish And Tough Cygnett Vector 360 Case For iPad Mini

Here’s the case that won’t let you down. Vector 360 case for iPad Mini is made by Cygnett, well-known mobile accessories brand that guaranties high quality and protective cases for your devices. Vector 360 represents a perfect combination of functionality and design. What makes it special is its 3D-linear texture that is implemented for better […]