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Speck SmartShell Case for iPad 3

Speck has designed some handy and functional cases for iPad 3 so far. The SmartShell series is no different. These protective accessories are easy to install, use, and maintain. It snaps on the back of your tablet computer, and can be used even with the original Smart Cover. Meet the Speck SmartShell Case for iPad […]

Griffin Cinema Seat iPad 2 / iPad 3 Case

Griffin designs excellent accessories for both mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, and you can use all of them both at home, in the office, in the car, or outside. In terms of the car accessories, here is an iPad 2 / iPad 3 Case we write about today. First of all, you […]

Kensington KeyFolio PRO 2 iPad 2 / iPad 3 Case with Stand and Removable Keyboard!

In terms of multi-purpose accessories for iPad, covers and cases keep the first place thanks to amazing add-ons and extensions they come with. One of such accessories is certainly this protective iPad 2 / iPad 3 case with integrated keyboard. Meet the Kensington KeyFolio PRO 2 case for iPad 3 / iPad 2. Made for 10-inch […]

Accessories for iPad 2 & iPad 3

All fans of Apple tablet computers know how important accessories are especially in terms of improved and enhanced usage of their favorite gadget. There are cases, covers, audio accessories, stylus pens, cables & adapters, screen protector, and many more to choose. Nevertheless, accessories are usually retailed separately, and rarely as kits. Griffin, though, has made […]

Naztech Paris Combo Case for iPad 3 & iPhone 4S

Even though there are many accessories for Apple gadgets, there is few of those made for both iPad and iPhone. Luckily, Naztech is one of those manufacturers that made sure you have completely the same case for iPad 3 and case for iPhone 4S. This means they feature the same design, features, functionality, everything is […]