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Meet BLOCKS, the World’s First Modular Smartwatch

If you follow the world of technology closely, then you are most certainly familiar with the term modular smartphones, Google’s Project Ara, PuzzlePhone, and Fairphone. The idea of creating your own, unique handset via interchangeable parts (the so-called blocks) has become highly appealing to users worldwide over the past couple of years and, according to a number of […]

Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Company

No one can deny augmented reality has been all the rage lately, which is why we can’t say we’re exactly surprised to hear Apple has acquired a German AR company called Metaio. Unofficially. But hey, either of the companies have yet to deny it, so speculations are hardly out of place. Especially after the shut down notice […]

Create Animated Images with Phhhoto

If regular photos have become way too boring for you, and you’d like to spice things up a bit, then you are definitely going to love this new iOS app called Phhhoto. How is Phhhoto different than other image editing apps out there? Well, instead of taking just one picture, Phhhoto takes a series of […]

Rithm: A Music Messaging App

Rithm, a mobile music app, is here to make it easier for you to send musical messages, texts, emojis, and pictures to your friends.  The service has actually been around since 2013 (as a part of MavenSay, a lifestyle rec app), but it will relaunch this week as a legitimate music streaming service. Rithm counts […]

ClosetSpace: An App That Tells You What to Wear

If you need someone to help you pick out a stylish outfit when you want to go out or to work, then you are going to like this new app called ClosetSpace. ClosetSpace learns your style preferences as you add items to it (from shoes to shirts to accessories), save looks, and basically build your outfits. […]