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Top 3 Fashion Accessories for Ladies

Summer is quickly approaching and we already know which trends to expect this year: vibrant colors and golden tones. If you are fashion-conscious, then you’d want your smartphone and tablet accessories to follow these trends. This is why we decided to present our lady followers with a couple of suggestions for accessories that should compliment […]

Christmas Gifts for Everyone!

With our little help, you will have no trouble getting an idea for Christmas Gifts this year! This time we suggest headphones and headsets, gifts that everyone can make use of and enjoy their everyday life with. Bluedio R Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Red The Bluetooth R Hi-Fi Stereo Headset by Bluedio provides very […]

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro

Even though you might come to think the Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro can clip on your ear, it is not so. This is because the headset works more like a standard multimedia player, utilizing its Bluetooth 2.0 features to hook up with smartphones and other mobile devices. The dual-tone device comes with a headset, […]

Use your Bluetooth Headset While Driving!

The driver is prohibited from using cell phone while driving, because 51% of road accidents are caused by distracted driving. Use phone calling or sending SMS are everyday actions that become so dangerous if they are carried out while driving. The Highway Code permits the use of cell phones while driving only with devices that […]