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iPhone 5 Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro

Even though you might come to think the Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro can clip on your ear, it is not so. This is because the headset works more like a standard multimedia player, utilizing its Bluetooth 2.0 features to hook up with smartphones and other mobile devices. The dual-tone device comes with a headset, […]

Use your Bluetooth Headset While Driving!

The driver is prohibited from using cell phone while driving, because 51% of road accidents are caused by distracted driving. Use phone calling or sending SMS are everyday actions that become so dangerous if they are carried out while driving. The Highway Code permits the use of cell phones while driving only with devices that […]

Cygnett Groove Platinum Headset

With Groove Platinum Headset by Cygnett you can listen to your favourite tunes in high-quality audio sound. The well-packed earphones have a cosy, light construction and feature excellent performance. Most importantly, they provide dynamic sound with high-grade bass. An integrated microphone is very handy for taking and making calls hands-free, and delivers crystal clear sound. […]

Bluetooth Headsets MT105 & Q9 From Bluedio

Thanks to their high-grade sound and relatively low cost, Bluetooth Headsets from Bluedio seem to be more favoured by the day. These Headsets models have definitely changed the way owners use hands-free devices. Their user-friendly design let you wear them during the whole day, without even being aware you have them on. If you would […]

SteelSeries Siberia Headset V2 for Passionate Gamers

The new version of the Siberia headset features newly designed 50 mm drivers and uses an improved looks to increase comfort while wearing them, thus making the Siberia a favorite among gaming enthusiasts. SteelSeries is well known for their innovative peripherals, keyboards or mice. But SteelSeries also produces high quality headsets that combine comfort with […]