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Google Play Music Provides Free, Ad-Supported Music Streaming

These past few days (okay, weeks and weeks now, but this week, in particular) everywhere you turned—especially if you’ve been wired in—all everyone seemed to talk about was Apple Music (and the Taylor Swift revolution). The arrival of the Apple streaming platform has been announced like the Second Coming itself but then—poof!—in flies Google Play […]

Chromebooks More Popular than iPads in US Schools

According to a new report from IDC, a market intelligence firm, Google’s Chromebooks are gaining popularity in US schools and leaving iPads far behind. The report states that a quarter of the education market uses Chromebooks. Backing this up is the fact that Google shipped 715,000 Chromebooks to schools, where Apple only shipped 702,000 iPads. […]

Google Releases the Gmail 5.0 Update for iOS and Android

After weeks of leaks and rumors, Google finally released the Gmail 5.0 update for iOS and Android. This update brings support for third-party email providers – Yahoo, Outlook, etc. – and offers a cleaner user interface thanks to Android Lollipop’s Material Design. The update also allows you to switch between up to five accounts, search […]

Alleged Photo of the Nexus 9 Leaks

Ever since it was confirmed that HTC and Google are indeed working on the Nexus 9, we’ve been hearing more and more rumors about this device. Thanks to a recent tweet from @upleaks, we now have what appears to be a photo of the back of the Nexus 9, which comes with HTC’s branding. The Nexus […]