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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro: Leaked Images and Specs

What you see in the picture is the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, a new tablet from Samsung that has not been officially announced, yet.  Where this live leaked image was taken is still unknown, but as we can see from the picture this is definitely the upcoming Samsung device in question. As for the technical […]

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung announced Galaxy Grand 2, the second generation phablet that comes with better and more powerful hardware sector, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Grand 2, the new generation of phablet comes with a screen similar to the one of  Galaxy Note range, with a 5.25 inches screen, but this […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

According to the rumours, the next generation of Samsung Galaxy S smartphone will arrive in January with some amazing, never seen mobile features.  It is said that Galaxy S5 will be shipped with the latest Android operating system, KitKat, making it the first smartphone driven by this OS. Another rumour spreading around the internet is […]

Which One Is Better: iPhone 5S Vs. Galaxy S4

Apple has introduced its new flagship smartphone, iPhone 5S. But there are already users who compare its characteristics to the latest high-end smartphone from Samsung- Galaxy S4. Did the S4 get a new competition with the launch of iPhone 5S? Let’s compare them and see. Design In terms of design, Samsung Galaxy S4 kept the […]