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Zagg invisibleSHIELD Screen Protector

Hardly will you be wrong if you say that Zagg is the best screen protector manufacturer out there. Those who have tried the invisibleSHIELDscreen protector for iPad 3 know the its advantage over other protective films currently available on the market. The quality of the protector is just impressive. Thanks to the manufacturer’s Nano-Memory technology, the light […]

Bluetooth Headset – Jabra GO 6470

The Jabra GO 6470 Bluetooth Headset is businessmen and other people who are often on the go, and yet still need Bluetooth solutions. However, probably the most notable difference is that this Bluetooth Headset ships with a dock that gives you touch screen control over the device making both customization and call management simpler. The […]

Rechargeable and Portable Speakers – Cygnett Groove BassBall

If you are not satisfied with the power of your iPhone / iPod speaker (due to the background noise for example), or you just want a more profound sound when you listen to your best-loved tunes, then this tiny speaker is just what you have been looking for. This is a perfect portable speaker for […]

Best Galaxy S2 Accessories!

In terms of protective Galaxy S2 accessories, there are many solutions you can opt for, screen protectors, skins, bumpers, cases or Galaxy S2 covers. Some people prefer full-body protection, others play-through options. Here is the list of some of the best accessories for Galaxy S2 to help you narrow your search and find the most […]