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Learn What the Weather’s Like Outside with Tempescope

Why bother to look out your window to see what’s the weather like, when you can use Tempescope instead? That’s an excellent question. Because it’s easier? More fun? Cooler? Perhaps all three of those. Anyhow, this new device was spotted at Japan’s CEATEC trade show last week, and although the concept may still be rough, […]

Hide Anything with the Rochester Cloak

You’ve probably thought at least once in your lifetime “I wish I could become invisible right this very second!”. Don’t be shy, we all thought about it and the endless possibilities that would open up if you actually had the power to become invisible. Everyone who read and watched the Harry Potter series is familiar […]

No More Headphone Tangles!

Robert Matthews, a physicist at Aston University (Birmingham, England), seems to have solved the problem that’s been bothering everyone and their mother ever since we started using headphones. Namely, Matthew’s has figured out how to keep your headphone cords tangle-free. According to Daily Mail, Matthews investigated “Murphy’s Law of String” and the physicist now claims […]