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Facebook Can Identify You Without Seeing Your Face

Are you an easy target? Tag-wise, that is. If your Facebook photos tend to feature you dressed in more-or-less the same way, then, we’re sorry to inform you, but… you are. Then again, so is Mark Zuckerberg (can you picture him in anything else other than a gray T-shirt and/or a hoodie? Not really, no). […]

Prevent Facebook from Auto-Enhancing Photos on Your iOS Device

Facebook’s recent iOS update brings a new feature that automatically enhances all of your photos that you update to the popular social network. It changes the light and shadow settings, as well as other aspects of your photo in order to make it more clear and of better quality. Thanks to a slider at the […]

MyTrendyPhone Contest: Win Three Prizes in Three Months

Winning one of three top-range devices has never been easier! Due to a very successful year that is behind us, MyTrendyPhone has decided to reward our loyal customers and fans by giving them an opportunity to win three amazing products in three months! We’re giving away HTC One, iPad 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. To […]

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

People are different, and we all have our own preferences, habits and lifestyles; this is why we need different things. In order to make your life easier, we have chosen ten best and most popular free apps for your iPhone (the apps are also available for Android). 10. Pinterest Pinterest app lets you update your […]