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Microsoft’s Smartwatch to Arrive Within Weeks

Rumors about Microsoft’s upcoming smartwatch have been swirling around the web for a while now, and it seems that the company is officially getting ready to launch the device. According to a recent report (Forbes), the watch could launch within weeks, and what’s great is that it won’t be compatible with Windows Phone only, but […]

Learn What the Weather’s Like Outside with Tempescope

Why bother to look out your window to see what’s the weather like, when you can use Tempescope instead? That’s an excellent question. Because it’s easier? More fun? Cooler? Perhaps all three of those. Anyhow, this new device was spotted at Japan’s CEATEC trade show last week, and although the concept may still be rough, […]

Microsoft’s Smartwatch to Arrive in October

In May, it was hinted that Microsoft’s smartwatch might arrive this summer, but new information suggests that it might be launched in October, after all. According to this new report, the smartwatch will have 11 sensors that will help it monitor the wearer’s heart rate. Furthermore, the device will probably be compatible with Windows, Android […]

White Leather Cases for iPhone 5

White iPhone 5 is available in stores worldwide, however, it is not so with iPhone 5 covers and cases. Believe it or not, but there are few manufacturers that design and make white cases for this phone. Luckily, there are Belkin and Sena to make this predicament right. What’s more, the case are made from […]