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Defender Case for iPhone 5S by Otterbox

Defender case from Otterbox is specially made to fit new iPhone 5S.  Since iPhone 5 and currently one of the most desired phones on Earth, iPhone 5S, are of same dimensions, many iPhone 5 cases can fit new Apple flagship. However, the problem may occur in the home button area and the fingerprint reader implemented […]

Best Case from OtterBox: Defender Case for Galaxy S4

For those who want to provide their valuable Samsung Galaxy S4 with a great deal of protection, OtterBox has an exquisite series of protective cases with a name that explains its main purpose- Defender! Thanks to multiple layers and a snap on design, Defender case for Galaxy S4 brings the protection to a higher level. […]

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 5 Case

When it comes to protection for your new iPhone 5, there are certainly many options and solutions. The smartphone is made of some durable and persistent materials, however, it is still vulnerable to damage and harm. Here is probably one of the best cases for iPhone 5 currently available on the market. OtterBox is a […]