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5G: The Future of Cell Phone Networks

It’s closer than you think – 5G could become available around the world in about 10 years! 5G could become available worldwide by 2020 – Huawei already has a prototype base station! In about 10 years, we could see antennas similar to Huawei’s Ultra Node (picture) all around us. And although it is still unclear […]

Twitter to Start Tracking Apps Installed on Your Phone

If you use Twitter, then you’d probably like to know that the popular service will soon start tracking which apps you have installed on your device. This new feature will scan your apps, and apparently help Twitter “deliver more tailored content” to your timeline. The data collected could also help Twitter achieve the so-called “instant […]

AirPlay-compatible NS2 Speakers by Nocs

Nocs is a well-known Swedish headphone company that makes some amazing audio accessories. This time the manufacturer decided to launch speakers that support AirPlay technology. Apple AirPlay lets you stream media from your iDevice such as iPhone, iPod, iPod, or Mac to a TV or compatible speakers. Meet the Nocs NS2 Air Speakers! Following the […]