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Bluetooth Caller ID Vibrating Bracelet

Picture this: your phone is ringing, but, for some reason, you can’t answer it in time. Maybe the call is important and maybe you just want to know who’s calling you. Thanks to modern technology, this problem can be easily solved. This week, MyTrendyPhone presents a Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet with caller ID – a device […]

Wearable Tech at CES: Bluetooth Jewelry

A UK tech firm CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) revealed a new line of Bluetooth smart jewelry at CES 2014. The pendant-style necklaces are powered by Bluetooth and work in both Android and iOS 7. The jewelry supports a “range of functions”, according to CSR, such as alerting users when a notification pops up on their smartphone via […]

Betasphere Audio Beacon HR-120 Bluetooth Link

Do you want to play the media from your phone or tablet on your stereo and save money while doing that? Then Betasphere Beacon Bluetooth Link is your best choice. Along with the actual HR-120, you get a European power supply (2 pin), a short male RCA to female 3.5mm cable, a longer male 3.5mm […]