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BlackBerry Z10 Defender Case from OtterBox

OtterBox Defender Series  for  The BlackBerry Z10  is certainly the most robust case you can get for your new phone and therefore it is not for everyone. The case is  specially designed for those who enjoy extreme outdoor activities and need extra protection for their BlackBerry Z10. The OtterBox Defender cases are known for their 3 highly resistant […]

The Best Stereo Bluetooth Headset by Jabra – HALO2

How many Bluetooth headsets have you tried so far? Have you been looking for something new and different? Jabra HALO2 is a tiny Stereo Bluetooth Headset that delivers powerful and rich sound. It is best to use it at home, as well as in the office, or when you are on the run. Enhance your […]

External Battery for iPhone

It is well known how many functions an iPhone has. Therefore, you do not want to run out of iPhone battery when most needed. So, is there anything you can do? Having a sea of functions, it would be a shame not to make the most of it only because of the lack of battery. […]

iPhone 4S Accessories for Traveling

It’s New Year time and everybody is traveling somewhere. Nearly all of us adore traveling by car, for it means we can organize our trip time the way we like, stop wherever we like to stop and see whatever we like to see. Nevertheless, we also like to stay hooked up with our friends and […]

Bluetooth Speaker – Sony SRS-BTV25

There is a modern and exclusively designed way of listening to music from a smartphone, iPhone or iPod, thanks to Sony. They hold that SRS-BTV25 is entirely balanced and that it resonates the same, no matter where positioned in the room. The speaker features 360° Circle Sound Technology and wireless music streaming from the device. […]