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Top 3 Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Experience

All right, Instagram buffs, time to come clean: how many separate apps do you have on your smartphone just for enhancing the colors of your photos? Three, five, 15? Who knows (it’s nobody’s business but yours). One thing is for sure, though—no matter how many improvements and updates Instagram comes up with, its featured filters […]

Twitter to Start Tracking Apps Installed on Your Phone

If you use Twitter, then you’d probably like to know that the popular service will soon start tracking which apps you have installed on your device. This new feature will scan your apps, and apparently help Twitter “deliver more tailored content” to your timeline. The data collected could also help Twitter achieve the so-called “instant […]

3 Fitness Apps for iOS

If you don’t belong to a group of people who exercise on a daily basis, then you know that getting back into shape can be pretty difficult. We tell ourselves each day that we’re going to start running or exercising for the sake of our health, but something always gets in the way. Thankfully, the […]

Use Your iPhone as a Scanner

If you were ever wondering if you can use your iPhone as a scanner, the answer is yes. You can take a multipage document and make it into a single PDF file. There are a couple of good apps that allow you to do this, both free and paid. Bear in mind, though – the […]