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Facebook Can Identify You Without Seeing Your Face

Are you an easy target? Tag-wise, that is. If your Facebook photos tend to feature you dressed in more-or-less the same way, then, we’re sorry to inform you, but… you are. Then again, so is Mark Zuckerberg (can you picture him in anything else other than a gray T-shirt and/or a hoodie? Not really, no). […]

Google Play Music Provides Free, Ad-Supported Music Streaming

These past few days (okay, weeks and weeks now, but this week, in particular) everywhere you turned—especially if you’ve been wired in—all everyone seemed to talk about was Apple Music (and the Taylor Swift revolution). The arrival of the Apple streaming platform has been announced like the Second Coming itself but then—poof!—in flies Google Play […]

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Who Will Win?

Surely you’ve heard Apple Music has been in the spotlight recently and, even though it’s definitely not the first music streaming platform around (nor the last), the reason for all the commotion and excitement is probably the fact it’s gonna offer millions of songs, non-stop radio stations and its very own Android app. But wait, […]

SoundHound Launches Hound, a Fast Voice Search App

You may know SoundHound as not-Shazam, or that nifty app that can identify your mystery song via humming, singing or through a recorded track. And now, a whole decade after the app’s creator first pitched his original idea to investors, it seems like the application will finally do what it was initially created to do—answer your […]