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Android Lollipop Tips: Turn Off App Notifications

Although notifications on your Android smartphone are a blessing, they can also get really annoying, really fast, because some apps think that it’s okay to spam you with promotional and other useless messages. If you don’t want to uninstall a certain app, Android Lollipop brings a couple of options that will help you manage all those unwanted notifications. […]

ClosetSpace: An App That Tells You What to Wear

If you need someone to help you pick out a stylish outfit when you want to go out or to work, then you are going to like this new app called ClosetSpace. ClosetSpace learns your style preferences as you add items to it (from shoes to shirts to accessories), save looks, and basically build your outfits. […]

Google Releases the Gmail 5.0 Update for iOS and Android

After weeks of leaks and rumors, Google finally released the Gmail 5.0 update for iOS and Android. This update brings support for third-party email providers – Yahoo, Outlook, etc. – and offers a cleaner user interface thanks to Android Lollipop’s Material Design. The update also allows you to switch between up to five accounts, search […]

Android Tips: Manage Multiple Calls

Modern smartphones bring a number of interesting and useful features with them that make our lives easier. From shopping via touch only, to various camera effect, to cloud storage services, possibilities are endless. In that sea of features, everyone forgets that some simple apps, such as the Phone app on your phone, come with a […]