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Latest iPhone 5 Cases

This is an iPhone 5 armband that is perfect for all who have an active life and own an iPhone 5. Thanks to its special features and custom manufacture, you will be able to keep on practising, running, working out, etc., while still having your favourite gadget next to you. The touch screen of the […]

Rechargeable and Portable Speakers – Cygnett Groove BassBall

If you are not satisfied with the power of your iPhone / iPod speaker (due to the background noise for example), or you just want a more profound sound when you listen to your best-loved tunes, then this tiny speaker is just what you have been looking for. This is a perfect portable speaker for […]

A Universal Smartphone / Cell Phone Charger

If you are a gadget aficionado and own a number of smartphones and other mobile devices, you should start thinking about an accessory that can support all of your tech units. KiDiGi has made sure you get this amazing, lightweight and practical KiDiGi Universal Desktop Charger. This an accessory for Apple devices you can use […]