Stylish And Tough Cygnett Vector 360 Case For iPad Mini

Here’s the case that won’t let you down. Vector 360 case for iPad Mini is made by Cygnett, well-known mobile accessories brand that guaranties high quality and protective cases for your devices. Vector 360 represents a perfect combination of functionality and design. What makes it special is its 3D-linear texture that is implemented for better flexibility and more impact resistant  design. The mixture matte and gloss finish  gives this iPad Mini case a stylish effect. The raised edges are added to protect the screen when placed face down.

Case For iPad Mini Vector 360 by Cygnett

Vector 360 Case For iPad Mini by Cygnett

With this Cygnett Vector 360 Case for iPad Mini you will have free access to all the function and ports because it is specially designed for this tablet and therefore it provides a perfect fit. Thanks to the engraved 3D pattern the case is easy to handle and the grip is quite firm and comfortable. The case has the ability to turn into a stand, allowing you to chose the best angle for more convenient use of your iPad. The entire Vector collection by Cygnett is inspired by skyscrapers and spy planes and these iPad Mini accessories come in black and purple. Visit MyTrendyPhone see which one to you like better.