Striking Leather iPhone 4 /4S Cover

This is definitely one of the highest quality leather iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S cover with a stylish lizard skin texture. Not only does it shield your smartphone from unexpected damage, but also does it in style. Enjoy the benefits of your cell phone and have fun using it whenever you go, not having to worry about its protection.

Leather Cover for iPhone 4S / iPhone 4

Optima Lizard Series iPhone 4 / 4S Cover - Dark Gold

The Optima Lizard Series iPhone 4 /4S Cover provides elegant look to your valued iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S. While it shields your mobile device from impacts and scrapes, it also allows full access to all the functions and features of your phone such as camera, buttons or ports. Lizard textured covers are among the most desired leather covers, thanks to the glossy and and elegant look.

Leather Cover for iPhone 4 /iPhone 4S

Optima Lizard Series iPhone 4 / 4S Cover – Light Gold

An original and striking leather iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S case or cover can be a good present for your friends or family members. It is stylish, durable and excellent gift for various celebrations.

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