Stereo Headset – EHS44AFSWE Samsung

This EHS44AFSWE Stereo Headset from Samsung features in-ear construction for additional repose and enhanced sound quality. With this original Samsung’s Headset you can make and take calls whenever you want, as well as listen to your favourite music. There is a handy button for calls that lets you easily control your calls. Just connect the headset to your multimedia player or cell phone and enjoy listening to your podcasts or songs.

Samsung Stereo Headset EHS44AFSWE

Stereo Headset EHS44AFSWE - Samsung

The EHS44AFSWE contains velvety rubber earbuds that offer excellent comfort while delivering great sound to your ears. This way you get the best possible audio quality. Thanks to the huge audio drivers with a rich frequency array, you can listen to music freely and comfortably. There is also a built-in microphone on the headset and a call controller that allows you to manage your calls and music hands-free. You can even customize it with applications for Android phones.

Sound Accessories from Samsung - Stereo Headset

Samsung Headset Stereo EHS44AFSWE

With the excellent quality microphone, your calls will sound pristine. The headset has a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo connector for improved quality of the audio. The EHS44AFSWE is available in a gold plated four-pole connector that makes sure you are delivered with the top quality sound. Light and compact, the original headset from Samsung allows you to freely make calls when you are on the go.

EHS44AFSWE Stereo Headset from Samsung

Stereo Headset Connector - Samsung EHS44AFSWE

The Stereo Headset is compatible with all multimedia players and cell phones with 3.5mm connector such as HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, iPhone, etc., as well as iPhone Accessories and more.