Stereo Headset – Dolce Vita Boom

Do you frequently listen to your favourite songs on your cell phone, iPod or iPad? If yes, then you need a high quality headset. The Dolce Vita Boom Stereo Headset is the one you will adore.

The Boom headset has an excellent, powefrull and high quality sound. It is characterized by the ability to fold when not in use. It features an integrated microphone and answer key. Bear in mind that due to the dissimilarity of the standards, these extra features might not function with some cell phone models.

Stereo Headset for iPhone

Dolce Vita Boom Stereo Headset 3,5 mm - Pink


Main Features and Functions:

* iPhone: Remote control, Handsfree

* iPod and iPad: Listen to music

* Blackberry and HTC: Listen to music, Handsfree

* Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson: Listen to music

Stereo Headset for HTC

Dolce Vita Boom Stereo Headset 3,5 mm - White


The Dolce Vita headset delivers even better sound if you use it with iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. You can download “Bongiovi DPS” application for free from App Store and enjoy even purer, deeper, and more powerful sound. This application helps you use your haedset easier, thanks to its more than 120 calibration points that transform audio signal in real-time. Now you can customize your tuned audio profiles.

Stereo Headset for Samsung

Dolce Vita Boom Stereo Headset 3,5 mm – Purple

Technical Details:

- Answering button with microphone

- Cable length: 1.5m

- 3.5mm stereo jack plug

- Mic sensitivity: -58 db ± 2db (0 db = 1 v/pa)

- Mic impedance: Maximum 2.2KOhm

- Mic frequency range: 30 Hz-16 Hz

- Speaker impedance: 32 Ohm

- Speaker frequency resposes: 20 Hz-20KHz

- Power capacity: max. 1000mW

- Rated power: 100mW