Smart Notice: Make the Most Out of Your LG G3!

Smart Notice is, without a doubt, the most interesting LG G3 feature!

Smart Notice is a widget that is there to provide you with various pieces of information before you even ask for them! From reminders, tips, and ideas, it will definitely help you use your LG G3 better. :)

How to Turn the LG G3 into a Perfect Personal Assistant?

LG G3 Smart Notice

For example, if there is a number in your phone that you dial frequently, but you do not have a contact card for it, the LG G3 will suggest that you create a new contact card. Another interesting thing that Smart Notice does is remind us to call back those calls that you couldn’t take at the time. Can’t remember someone’s birthday? Not a problem – your phone is there to help you out. :)

LG Health

The LG Health app basically gives you updates on your LG Health activities. This means that it collects and saves information about your health and daily workouts – you can record your walking, running, cycling, and later on see how you improved or didn’t improve.

If you’d like to learn more about Smart Notice, be sure to check out LG’s official video below. :)