Sharp to Produce Displays for Even Thinner Smartphones

Have you ever thought your smartphone could be thinner? Maybe you have or maybe you’re more than satisfied with its thickness and believe your device is just slender enough, but the fact remains: technology won’t rest until smartphone displays have become as slim as possible. And Sharp, a well-known Japanese multinational corporation, seems to be at the forefront of a new era with its promise to start mass producing new in-cell type touch displays. But what’s all the ruckus really about?

Take Your Pick: Thin Smartphone or Impressive Battery Life

Thin Smartphone

The leaner the smartphone, the more likely it is that its battery life is not that mind-blowingly massive. Sadly enough. But why? Because in order to fit a sizeable battery you need more space. So getting rid of the unwanted volume directly affects the battery capacity. Well, maybe not anymore.

Thinner Displays and Their Implications

With these brand new displays, the touch sensor would be built directly into the LCD, as opposed to being attached to the LCD as it’s typically the case with the existing smartphones. And voila! You’ve got yourself a thinner and lighter display in no time. Which would then also allow room for more imagination and freedom when it comes to future smartphone and display design and innovation.

Innovation Specialists’ Stamp of Approval

Apple iPhone 6

Sharp is definitely not a rookie when it comes to revolutionary ideas, especially regarding displays. The Japanese electronics company was behind the development of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus displays and has made enormous breakthroughs in the field of display panel space. Plus, their low-power IZGO displays have greatly helped enhance device battery life. So, if they say these thin and light displays are the future, what else can we do but believe them?

Perhaps it’s a small step for displays, but a giant leap for smartphones.