Say Goodbye to Nokia and “Phone” in Windows Phone

Ever since Microsoft purchased Nokia, we’ve been hearing various rumors about the company, and now we’ve found that that Microsoft is definitely planning on putting an end to the Nokia brand. Not only that, the giant also seems to be set on removing the word “Phone” in Windows Phone.

Microsoft to drop the Nokia brand soon

Up until this point, Microsoft has used Nokia’s names for its new phones, including the recently released Lumia 830 and Lumia 730. Rumor has it that these two will be the last handsets to carry Nokia’s name. According to an alleged leaked part of a document from Microsoft, the company will drop the Nokia brand starting with this year’s “Holiday Campaign”. The Lumia brand will live on, however, so we can expect that the next smartphones will be called either just Lumia [something], or Microsoft Lumia.

The same goes for the Windows Phone name, although this transition will be more gradual. In the end, Microsoft’s mobile OS will simply be called windows, like its desktop OS. Seeing that Microsoft is planning to integrate WP with its desktop Windows, this unified brand will make sense.