Samsung H Smartphones in the Works

After launching its A, E, and J phones, Samsung is now ready to move on to the next letter in the alphabet – this time “H” – and release a new line of smartphones. Namely, the South Korean giant has filed two trademark applications: one for the Galaxy H1, the other for the Galaxy H7.

Samsung Galaxy A5

A while ago, Samsung stated that it would produce less smartphones in 2015, and focuse more on creating high-end devices. The part about premium devices did come true (see the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge), but it doesn’t look like the company is doing anything to actually cut down on the number of phones it manufactures.

Samsung has filed the H1 and H7 applications not too long after trademarking the Galaxy A6, A8, and A9, so we can’t help but wonder what it has in plan for us. Of course, there’s a chance none of these will turn into something real, but there’s also a chance that the new H line could be Samsung’s high-end devices for 2015 and the next couple of years.

What are your thoughts on this?