Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Latest News

Samsung has pleasantly surprised us once again. This time they came up with a scrambled idea. Literally! “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx”. Paying more attention, you will see that this is an anagram you should sort in the correct order. Try playing with it and see if you will manage to resolve this galactic mystery. When you manage solving it, add .com and it will will take you to Samsung Mobile website that shows up a countdown clock, set to stop working on Thursday, May 3rd . Nevertheless, because many people have visited the page lately, it crashed, and you cannot see the countdown any more. What you get is a mysterious massage:

You got it all mixed up. Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere.”

Accessories for Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Countdown


There is also a video teaser you can watch until the new Galaxy S3 is released. Interestingly enough, the teaser does not say anything about the new smartphone. Many who have already seen it were confused with it. It looks like we know nothing about the phone until May 3rd.

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