Samsung Flow: Syncing Content Made Easier

At its annual developer conference, Samsung announced a new feature that will allow users to start a task on one device and complete it without any problems on another. It works kind of like Apple’s Continuity feature and it’s called Samsung Flow.

Samsung's new feature Flow

Where Apple’s Continuity lets you transfer projects, work, calls, and messages between a Mac and an iPhone or an iPad, Flow takes things a bit further. You can transfer all of this onto a Samsung TV and use it as a huge videophone. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

How does Flow work exactly?

Flow consists of three components: Transfer, Defer, and Notify.

1. Transfer – allows you to move a task or a file (photos, documents, webpages, etc.) from one device to another.
2. Defer – lets you put tasks on hold and then continue working on them on another device seamlessly. Projects will be easier to handle with Defer, but Samsung pointed out that this component can be used for fun, too: imagine starting a movie on a tablet on your way to work or home, and then continuing watching it on your TV when you get home.
3. Notify – handles notifications and puts them on any of your devices, be it a TV or a smartwatch. You can also use it to check whether your tablet needs to be charged via your smarpthone.

Although it sounds fantastic, Samsung Flow won’t appear in Samsung’s app store or OS before 2015, so we’ll have to wait a bit. :)