Rock ‘N’ Roll iPhone 5 Cases and Covers

Nowadays, when choosing a new case or a cover for our smartphones, we pay more attention to what a protective accessory looks like than whether it will protect our phones to the maximum or not. Most of the time, we simply grab a case that looks good and suits our taste and lifestyle. Today, we’ve chosen a couple of covers and cases for you from our wide range of accessories that you might find interesting, especially if you’d like to buy something a bit different. :)

Puro Happiness Case for the iPhone 5

Protect your phone with this great case from Puro.

The Puro Happiness cases are perfect for true, old-school rock ‘n’ roll fans out there who love tattoos, exploring the world on a Harley and who wish to never grow old.

Walz Cover for the iPhone 5

Back cover for your iPhone 

If you’re not a Harley Davidson type of person, but prefer the WALZ Hardcore Cycles better, you will like the covers with the logo of this famous custom bike manufacturer from Germany.

3DLuxe Cover for the iPhone 5

A great choice for all of the r ‘n’ r girls out there.

Are you a cool, rock ‘n’ roll girl that’s into motorcycles? If yes, then this colorful, over-the-top 3DLuxe cover might be just the thing for you. Whatever they might tell you, pink does not equal Hello Kitty! With rhinestones and cupcakes, as well as cherries shaped like skulls, you will surely stand out in the crowd and be noticed.