Repair Service On MyTrendyPhone

MyTrendyPhone has introduced a new repair service for mobile phones and tablets. We have decided to meet the needs of our loyal customers, since they have been asking us for the repair service.

MyTrendyPhone new repair service

Repair Service on MyTrendyPhone

In addition to many mobile accessories that can be found on our website, now you can send your device and have it repaired by our qualified technicians! You will no longer need to order the parts and install them yourself by watching repairs tutorials on the internet – we will cover all of it for you! Our repair service is available for a large number of brands including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and many others.

iPad repair service on mytrendyphone

Repair Your iPad on MyTrendyPhone

Everyone knows that Apple devices are among the most expensive on the market. The iPhone repair is a delicate process that requires a qualified and experienced person. If you damaged the screen of your iPhone, if you have battery problems or you have dropped your device into the water, don’t worry! Just visit our official website, go to the repair section and select the problem you want to solve.

In case you’re not sure what the problem is, our technicians will be more than helpful and do the diagnosis of the device for you.